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Blulinc Charge Cards: Advanced Management Options and Flexible Payment Options

Blulinc Charge Cards: Advanced Management Options and Flexible Payment Options - Blulinc

Blulinc is playing a crucial role in the evolution of electric transportation with the introduction of the Blulinc Charging Pass. This innovative pass offers not only unparalleled control over charging costs and locations, but also flexible payment options that meet everyone's needs. From setting monthly budgets to geographic and network restrictions, the Blulinc Charging Pass is synonymous with the future of smart charging.

Flexible Payment Options

Blulinc understands that flexibility and convenience are crucial to a seamless charging experience. That's why we offer several payment options for charging with the Blulinc Charging Card, including:

  • Credit card: For quick and easy transactions, ideal for private users who value convenience.
  • Through the Employer: As part of a cafeteria plan, employees can arrange their charging expenses in a tax-advantaged manner, a win-win for both employee and employer.
  • Vouchers: Available through the Blulinc website, this option is perfect for gifts or as a flexible charging option for occasional use.

Constraints Where You Need Them

In addition to offering flexible payment options, the Blulinc Charging Card offers advanced management options that allow users to restrict charging in specific countries or on certain charging networks. This functionality provides additional security and compliance, and allows users to effectively manage their charging costs.

Benefits in a Row

  • Budget control: Set a fixed monthly budget based on monetary amount or kWh.
  • Geographic and Network Restrictions: Personalize where and how you load, with the ability to restrict specific locations or networks.
  • Flexible Payment Options: Choose from a variety of payment options that best suit your situation.
  • Transparency and Convenience: Always understand your usage and costs with the user-friendly Blulinc app or website.

Your Partner in Electric Charging

The Blulinc Charging Card is more than a means of payment; it is a gateway to a more efficient and sustainable life. With Blulinc, you choose a partner that puts innovation and customer satisfaction first in the transition to electric transportation.

Visit our website for more information or to apply for your own Blulinc Charging Pass. Don't let the future of electric driving pass you by. Choose control, flexibility and sustainability with Blulinc.

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