Become an E-Mobility Service Provider.

Target your probes as a service provider to the electric driving market and get started as an eMSP. Your goal? Helping customers get the best roaming services.

An eMSP, what is that?

As an eMSP, you provide roaming services for electric charging. Thanks to EV roaming, your customers can charge their electric cars at different networks. As an eMSP, you manage the subscriptions, access to the charging applications, and billing. If you become an eMSP through Blulinc, you get to work with our turnkey system.

What's in it for you?

Become an eMSP through Blulinc, then you can skip steps. Looking for partners yourself? Invest in your own management platform? Nope, you start immediately with a plug-and-play system that includes everything you need as an eMSP: a functional app, charging cards, you name it. Also for service, technical support and further development you just knock on Blulinc's door.

Blulinc's strengths

As a reseller, you want to believe in what you're selling. With Blulinc, you're partnering with a top brand. What makes us so good?

What to do.

What to do.

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Exciting world, that of e-mobility. Blulinc is in the forefront, closely following current events and taking you through its own innovations.

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