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The Electric Journey of Nippon Gases

Nippon Gases supplies gases for the industrial market. Think, for example, of gas in cylinders that is delivered to the customer via trucks, or gas that is supplied directly via a pipeline — for large consumers. Nippon Gases is active in the region of Belgium, the Netherlands and France and serves many different sectors: from mobility and food to chemistry to pharmaceuticals and biotech. 

Nippon Gases' electric journey - Blulinc

Nippon Gases supplies gases for the industrial market. Examples include gas in cylinders delivered via trucks to customers' premises, or gas delivered via pipeline directly - for large consumers. Nippon Gases operates in the region of Belgium, the Netherlands and France and serves many different sectors: from mobility and food over chemicals to pharmaceuticals and biotech.


Charging at work and at home

"Nippon Gases offers customers solutions to operate more sustainably," said Johan Desmet, BNL business director. "We also want to promote this sustainability internally, for example by greening our vehicle fleet." Employees are expected to set an example and thus increasingly drive hybrid or electric. To facilitate that, Nippon Gases knocked on Blulinc's door. The company wanted two things: charging stations in the company parking lot and charging stations at employees' homes. 


Beautiful and smooth finished product

Johan Desmet: "Personally, I find it very convenient. Every two or three days I load up my car at home and then I can go on for a few more days. Other employees have also expressed their initial doubts. - Will I get far enough? - thanks to charging solutions at work and at home.


"I want to be part of that future of all-electric driving."

- Ralf Joris, global cylinder tracking specialist Nippon Gases


Ralf Joris, an employee at Nippon Gases, is pleased with his Blulinc home charging station. "The product that Blulinc delivers fits nicely into the environment, I like that," he says. Account manager Kathleen Sels is also full of praise: "Something strange is going to hang on your facade. How good that Blulinc first came for a site visit, among other things to check whether we had the right electricity provisions. Blulinc's advice was helpful and from there it actually went naturally." A sentiment that director Johan Desmet agrees: "The cooperation with Blulinc went very smoothly." 


"The driving comfort of electric driving - the smooth shifting, the quiet operation - is very great."

- Johan Desmet, business director BNL 

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