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You drive. Blulinc provides the electricity.

You drive electric and don't want a hassle. Rightfully so. At Blulinc, we put all our energy into your electric ride. At home, at work, on the road. Anytime, anywhere effortless charging, with our arsenal of charging solutions. Sound smooth? It is.

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Charging station, charging pass, or prefer all-in?

Few things as annoying as a flat battery, and especially of your car. You want to feel free to take your electric car on the road. We understand that at Blulinc. Our charging solutions are foolproof and failproof, for any kind of user or situation.

Swipe, charge & go, with our charge card

Blulinc's charging card, that's swipe, charge and go. With a handy app, prepaid credit or a clear monthly invoice, you're at the wheel.

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Install charging infrastructure and then get it out the door? None of that at Blulinc. We are your companion de route. The AC to your DC, the Hailey to your Justin, if you will. When a charging station sputters and your battery threatens to run out, you call us. No mega wait times, no unsupportive customer support, no 0800 pull-your-plan. We pick up immediately and we tackle. Our bag of tricks? Expertise in all aspects of electric charging and a big appetite to fix.

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Bolt the future of electric driving inside with Blulinc, under your name or ours. Take advantage of our plug and play platform, our innovations and our support. Become a CPO and/or eMSP through Blulinc and grab a solid lead. Our network gives you access to 300,000+ charging points in Europe, hundreds of charging card providers and innovative payment options.

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Not sure which charging solution is best for you? Our staff will show you the way. They know all the options and applications like the back of their hand.

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Exciting world, that of e-mobility. Blulinc is in the forefront, closely following current events and taking you through its own innovations.

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