General Terms and Conditions of Blulinc NV

Last updated on: 12/01/2023

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ARTICLE 1 - Glossary

Welcome to the world of Blulinc NV! When we talk about certain terms in these Terms and Conditions, we mean exactly this:

  • Terms and Conditions: Your navigation map for a smooth cooperation with us. These terms and conditions cover everything from the purchase and installation of our energy-saving and efficient solutions, such as solar panels and charging stations, to the use of our charging services. This way we make sure you always know exactly where you stand.
  • Blulinc: That's us, your guide to a greener future, located at Booiebos 8a, 9031 Drongen, Belgium, and proudly registered under number 0775.669.111. We're here to provide you with the smartest and most sustainable energy solutions.
  • Charging Services: Our special service that allows you to charge your electric vehicle through the charging stations of the Blulinc network. Our convenient app makes charging not only easier but also more efficient. For the fine print, see our Terms of Service on our website.
  • Customer: That's you, the moment you sign our offer and thereby agree to a future of renewable energy. Whether you speak for yourself or on behalf of an organization, we are delighted to welcome you.
  • Charging Pole: Your new energy source for charging your electric vehicle, installed according to the specifications in our quotation. An essential part of your sustainable lifestyle.
  • Quote: The starting point of our journey together. Here you will find all the necessary information about what we offer, including the technical specifications of our energy-saving and efficient solutions and the financial details involved.
  • Energy-saving and Efficient Solutions: Our solutions, such as solar panels, that not only save energy but also use it in a smart way. They are designed to make your life easier, greener and more efficient, all while powering your electric vehicle.

We have made every effort to make these terms and conditions as clear and accessible as possible, in order to provide a basis for transparent and pleasant cooperation. Do you have any questions or comments? Our team is ready to help you. Welcome to Blulinc, where we are building a greener and more sustainable world together.

ARTICLE 2 - The Purpose of These Terms and Conditions.

2.1. These Terms of Service are your GPS through the world of Blulinc. They apply to every offer we proudly present to you and every agreement we enter into together, focused on our energy saving and efficiency solutions, including but not limited to solar panels and charging stations, and of course our charging services. Our Terms of Service, which you can find on our website, are an integral part of this set of rules.

You can always consult these Terms and Conditions on our website, so that you can read them again at your leisure with every quote we offer you.

2.2. When you put your signature to our offer, it means that you have read, understood and accept these terms and conditions without question. Other terms and conditions? Those are not on our table.

2.3. We like to keep our terms up-to-date. If anything changes, we'll let you know. You can always find the latest version on our site. If we make changes and you don't respond within five business days, we'll assume you agree to the new rules, which take effect immediately.

ARTICLE 3 - How We Get Started Together

3.1. Our partnership becomes official as soon as you sign our offer. That is the moment when we start working together for a greener future.

3.2. Before we come to install our energy-saving heroes, you make sure everything is ready, exactly as we described in our quote. You promise that all preparations are made before we get started.

3.3. The details in our quote? Those are based on what you tell us. We trust you to give us the complete and correct information.

ARTICLE 4 - The Installation and How It Works.

4.1. The installation of our products and services is done according to the agreements in the offer and respecting all applicable rules. You provide the perfect place for our products and make sure everything is ready for installation.

4.2. If the preparations are not finished in time, we may decide to postpone the installation or to do it ourselves (or hire someone else). The cost? Those are yours.

4.3. Our schedule is an estimate. We are not responsible for delays caused by others or for any damages if we cannot deliver on time.

4.4. Do you cancel the appointment within 48 hours before the scheduled date, or are we unable to get started due to your fault? Then we may charge additional fees.

4.5. Should damage occur due to the temporary disconnection of electricity during installation, it is not our responsibility.

4.6. Once everything is installed, we will walk through the checklist together to make sure everything is installed perfectly.

4.7. Do you see something that is not right during delivery? Tell us immediately so we can note it and fix it. What is not mentioned, we consider as approved by you.

If there is something that is up to us, of course we address it as soon as possible.

4.8. After completion, when the checklist is complete, you officially accept our work. That means you are happy with how we installed the equipment.

ARTICLE 5 - Cost sheet.

5.1. You give the green light for the installation of our products at the price we set in the quotation (the "Cost Schedule").

5.2. Our prices are like a snapshot, based on the cost factors at the time we quote, and of course on what you have told us. All prices are in euros and VAT? That's on top of it.

5.3. About the payment we don't make a fuss, we keep it simple and clear:

  • 50% of the total amount you pay after you receive the invoice;
  • 40% you pay before we begin installation;
  • The last 10% is for when everything is running as it should.

5.4. Should life give us (read: Blulinc) unexpected challenges that make the work harder or more complex than you might expect, such as a sudden strike, epidemic, or a steep increase in the price of materials, we consider it force majeure. This gives us room to work together to find a solution or, in extreme cases, revise or terminate the agreement.

5.5. Before we get started, we will take a look at your financial health. If it appears that we should be concerned, we may ask for an additional deposit, a bank guarantee or some other form of security. And if you can't show these within three days of our request, we'll pause our work for a while.

5.6. Do you have questions or comments about the invoice? Please let us know within 8 days. After that we will assume that you are in agreement. Should you dispute any part of the invoice, at least pay the part you do agree with on time.

5.7. If payment is not made within the agreed time, then according to the law of August 2, 2002, we must charge interest on late payments. In addition, a fixed compensation of 10% of the outstanding amount will be added on top, without us having to give you any prior warning.

5.8. Payment is made by bank transfer to the account number we give you, with the correct reference and within the deadline specified on the invoice. The cost of payment? Those are yours.

ARTICLE 6 - Your Role in the Green Adventure

6.1. We expect you to give us all the help and information we need to install everything flawlessly. Make sure we know everything we need to know for perfect equipment installation.

6.2. You ensure that you have the right to engage with us and that you may have our equipment installed. You also promise to purchase our charging services.

6.3. Your job is to make sure we can do our installation as agreed in the quote.

6.4. You check whether any permits or licenses are needed for the installation and make sure you have them, at your expense. You also follow city planning regulations and arrange for any permits.

ARTICLE 7 - On board with our Loading Services.

7.1. When you choose our products and services, you also become part of the Blulinc charging family for one year. This adventure begins as soon as you sign our offer.

7.2. Our journey together officially starts with the commissioning of your new products and services. From that moment on, you are not only sustainable, but also smart charging!

7.3. Unless we agree otherwise, our charging services are like a good recipe: they follow the General Terms of Service. You'll find these on our website, but we also include them in our quote - that's how we are. By signing the quote, you are basically saying, "Yes, I do" to these terms and conditions.

ARTICLE 8 - Our Promises to You

8.1. We promise not only to provide you with our products and services, but also to put a smile on your face with our service. Everything we say in the offer, we will do - that's our code of honor.

8.2. We treat the info you give us as if it were our own treasure: used with care and only for the realization of your energy dreams.

8.3. Expect craftsmanship and a dose of care during installation. We strive for perfection, but hey, we're only human too. Our goal? Exceeding your expectations, within the agreed upon time.

8.4. Should there be a storm brewing (read: something that endangers our services), we will shoot into action. We make every effort to keep your charging experience as safe as possible, even if that means making some temporary adjustments.

ARTICLE 9 - Logos, names and landmarks.

9.1. Our brand name, logos, and all those visual landmarks? Those belong to us. Just as you don't lend your own diary, we don't share them. We trust you to respect them and let us shine.

9.2. Hands off the stickers and signs! Those are there to make sure everyone knows you're going for quality - and we appreciate that.

ARTICLE 10 - If Something Goes Wrong

10.1. We give you all the tips and tricks to get the most out of your products and services. If you follow our advice, everything will be fine. If not, we can't play the hero.

10.2. We stand behind our work, but sometimes things happen. If something has really gone wrong because of our actions, we will fix it. But let's talk about things that are directly related to us. Our responsibility is limited to what you paid us.

10.3. Those indirect damages, like missing your favorite series because the power had to go out for a while? We can't reach into our pockets for that.

10.4. We cannot be responsible for damage caused by stuff we advised you not to use, or if you decide to put a trampoline on your solar panels. We hope you understand the hints and join us for a smooth cooperation.

ARTICLE 11 - Warranty and Responsibility Around Our Charging Services.

When Charging Services come up for discussion:

The ins and outs of our responsibility regarding Charging Services can be found in Article 8 of the General Terms of Service. But to keep it simple: if something goes wrong, our liability is limited to the amount you paid us for that unfortunate incident in the past six months.

ARTICLE 12 - When it's Time to Say Goodbye:

If you decide to cancel our Charging Services within the first year of installation, we are entitled to compensation. This amount is what you would normally have paid us for the remaining period. We look at the number of charging passes, your usage, and estimate the value based on that. Plus, we take into account the cost of removing the equipment and the administrative costs of disconnecting subscriptions.

ARTICLE 13 - Your Data, Your Privacy:

At Blulinc, your privacy is king. We treat your and your employees' data with the respect it deserves. Please dive into our Privacy and Cookie Statement on our website for the finer details.

ARTICLE 14 - Confidentiality is Key:

Any info we give you that is marked "confidential" stays among us. You may only share it with people who really need to know about it, unless we or the law says otherwise. This confidentiality dance lasts until two years after our last high five (or after our Charging Services end).

ARTICLE 15 - Force Majeure:

Sometimes things happen that we did not see coming. If force majeure prevents us from fulfilling our promises, we cannot be held responsible for the delay or failure to deliver our services. If force majeure inconveniences us for more than three months, either party may cancel the deal, with reimbursement for expenses already incurred.

ARTICLE 16 - What if a Rule Does Not Go Up:

Suppose some of our agreements turn out to be wrong, this does not mean that everything is off the table. Together we find a way to resolve this so that we can continue our cooperation.

ARTICLE 17 - Rules and Courts:

Our adventures are governed by Belgian law. Should a dispute ever arise between us, the court in Ghent is where we will fight it out.

Appendix: General Terms of Service