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Chargen while you shop or work.

Do you know what makes people happy? With charging points in the parking lot of your company or commercial center. With Blulinc, it's a piece of cake.

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Blulinc charging stations at your company, how does it work? You can read some reviews here.

Why should you make the investment?

Installing charging stations in your car park is mainly done as an extra service for customers and employees. The more people charge at your charge point(s), the faster your investment will be recouped. And then you can start making a profit. So go all out with those available charging points.

Blulinc's strengths

As a reseller, you want to believe in what you're selling. With Blulinc, you're partnering with a top brand. What makes us so good?

What to do.

What to do.

Non-stop support with a Blulinc subscription

Our work doesn't stop with the installation of your charging station at home. Blulinc is just there for service and support on the way. For the price of a coffee a week, you can enjoy 24/7 help with all charging problems with your Blulinc subscription. This includes all kinds of things: repairs, fixing hiccups, implementing updates. Concrete?

Non-stop support with a Blulinc subscription
  • €8 /month

    No more worries about your charging station at home.

  • €14 /month

    No more worries around your home charging station. *+ Split billing* (separate billing for private and professional charging use)

  • €17 /month

    Access to all public charging points and enjoy tax benefits

Non-stop support with a Blulinc subscription

Our team will show you the way

Are you convinced of the convenience of a charging solution at home or do you want more information before you decide? Book an appointment with one of our experts, with their advice you can continue.

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It's an exciting world, that of eMobility. Blulinc is in the leading group, follows current events closely and takes you along in its own innovations.

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