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Get your electric company fleet on the road.

Does your company fleet run on electricity? That's step one. Step two is to buy or rent charging stations, so that people can easily charge in your company parking lot and at home.

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Blulinc charging stations at your company, how does it work? You can read some reviews here.

Why should you make the investment?

An employee, customer or visitor who can charge his car in your company car park is a reassuring person. Less stress, more headspace. To work, to make a purchase, to close a deal. A number of charging points in the car park are also smart in view of what is to come. Within a few years, every company fleet will be required to drive electrically, which means that e-mobility will become a priority everywhere. From a tax point of view, it is worthwhile to make the switch today.

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As a reseller, you want to believe in what you're selling. With Blulinc, you're partnering with a top brand. What makes us so good?

What to do.

What to do.

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Exciting world, that of e-mobility. Blulinc is in the forefront, closely following current events and taking you through its own innovations.

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