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A charging station at home, that's everyday luxury.

If you have a charging station at home, driving electric becomes a breeze. Blulinc delivers and installs home charging solutions for both the self-employed and employees.

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How convenient is that, such a home charging solution? Read along.

What are the benefits of a home charging solution?

Via a charging station you charge your car faster than via a normal wall socket. So less time and less power is lost. Charging via a charging station is also safer, because the technology is adapted to the emergency. You can also charge smarter and cheaper, using energy from your solar panels or the night rate, for example. A charging station at home also gives you a nice tax benefit.

Blulinc's strengths

As a reseller, you want to believe in what you're selling. With Blulinc, you're partnering with a top brand. What makes us so good?

What to do.

What to do.

A subscription with non-stop support

Install charging station and 'bye'? That's not how it's written in our manuals. Blulinc is just at its strongest during all the service and support on the go. For the price of one hipster coffee a week, you get help with all your charging problems. Grab a subscription with Blulinc and don't worry about repairs, hiccups or updates. Just pass it on, we'll fix it.

A subscription with non-stop support
  • €8 /month

    ... and you no longer have any worries around your charging station at home.

  • €14 /month

    ... and you get our system of *split billing* on top, which provides a separate bill for private and professional charging use.

A subscription with non-stop support

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Exciting world, that of e-mobility. Blulinc is in the forefront, closely following current events and taking you through its own innovations.

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