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Simplify Electric Charging for your Business with the Blulinc Charging Card

Simplify Electric Charging for your Business with the Blulinc Charging Card - Blulinc

At a time when sustainability and technology go hand in hand, Blulinc offers a revolutionary solution for businesses making the transition to electric vehicles. The Blulinc charging card is specifically designed to increase operational efficiency and improve cost control within your organization. Below, we explain the various functionalities of the Blulinc charging pass and show how it can transform your business operations.

Functionalities of the Blulinc Charging Card

Flexible Payment Options:

  • Prepaid Charge Card: Allows businesses to load a fixed amount onto the card in advance, ideal for handling tight budget controls.

  • Postpaid via Linked Credit Card: Provides a seamless experience where charges are automatically charged to a linked company credit card after each charging session. Each session is billed separately for clear administration.

  • Postpaid via Monthly Billing: An option where usage billing occurs monthly, based on actual usage, identical to traditional fuel cards.


Ease of Use and Safety:

  • Easy Authorization: Charging sessions can be initiated via a physical swipe, a scan, or through our easy-to-use app.

  • Automatic Settlement: Minimizes administrative burden through immediate and automatic processing of each transaction.

Customizable Access and Budgets:

  • Restriction by Country or Charger: Ability to restrict use to specific regions or charging points, providing additional security and control.

  • Personalized Budgets: Set specific monthly budgets to contain spending.

Multi-Account Management in One App:

  • Centralized Management: Multiple business accounts can be managed from a single application, providing a clear overview and streamlined administration.

New: Personal and Business Accounts:

  • Employees can manage a personal account in addition to their business account, where they can purchase private vouchers or charge credit. Payments can be made using Bancontact or a personal credit card. During charging sessions, one can easily select the desired account.

Optimal for Cafeteria Plans:

  • Flexible Cost Sharing: Allows employees to efficiently manage their benefits with preset budgets for charging their electric vehicles.

Benefits of the Blulinc Charging Card for Your Business

With the Blulinc charging card, your company enjoys simplified management, cost savings and increased employee satisfaction. The system provides a flexible and secure way to facilitate the transition to electric vehicles, with full control over charging habits and costs. This makes it an ideal solution for businesses with multiple locations or a large fleet of vehicles, where efficiency and cost control are essential.

Blulinc strives to be at the forefront of supporting sustainable business practices with advanced technology solutions. Choose the Blulinc charging pass and take a step forward in your company's ecological transition.

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