news 22 Apr 2024

A year of controversy resolved: Easee charging boxes released by Swedish authorities

A year of controversy resolved: Easee charging boxes released by Swedish authorities - Blulinc

After more than a year of intensive review and a temporary sales halt, there has been a new development surrounding Easee's charging boxes, including the Easee Home and Easee Charge models. Initially, these products were flagged by the Swedish Electrical Safety Authority due to multiple technical defects, leading to an immediate sales stop and the order to repair sold and installed units.

The core problem identified involved inadequate breaker spacing and a failure to effectively handle high currents, coupled with the absence of a built-in ground fault circuit interrupter according to industry standards. These problems raised significant safety concerns, leading to a thorough review by the authority.

However, in a surprising twist, the Swedish Electrical Safety Authority has now revised its position on the need for immediate repairs to installed units. According to their latest decision, Easee no longer needs to retrofit or repair the charging boxes currently in use. This decision comes after a thorough risk assessment that concluded that the risk of serious faults is minimal and thus does not justify the extensive measures that would be required to retrofit all existing installations.

Per Samuelsson, head of the product department at the Swedish Electrical Safety Authority, explained the reasoning behind this decision: "Our analysis suggests that the potential faults in these charging boxes do not currently pose a serious risk to persons or property. Our goal is to ensure that as these units age, the risk of serious faults remains minimal."

Despite the authority's revised decision on repairs, the ban on sales of the affected models remains in effect. Easee is required to maintain ongoing communication with the authority, providing predictions of potential faults and actual fault results. This ongoing monitoring is intended to prevent any future risks that may arise from the obsolescence of these devices.

This decision is undoubtedly a relief to Easee and its customers, who were looking at the prospect of widespread and potentially costly repairs. It also highlights the complexities involved in regulating and overseeing electrical safety standards, where a balance between safety and practical measures must be carefully managed.

For current users of Easee's charging boxes, this means that their installations can remain in place without changes. However, they should remain alert to any future updates or recalls, should further assessments change the current understanding of these risks.

As the situation continues to unfold, it will be interesting to see how Easee navigates the next steps to restore full confidence in their products while adhering to Sweden's strict security standards. For now, at least, their existing customers can breathe a little easier.


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